Tips for Buying a Home

A. Buying a home is a long term commitment, Don’t buy if you can not commit to at least a few years. With the transaction cost of buying and selling a home you could very well end up loosing money.

B. Most likely you will need to obtain a mortgage. Start by pulling your credit, verify everything is correct and clear up any discrepancies.

C. Stay within your budget. Buy a home you can afford

D. Get per-qualified, determine which type of loan is best for you. There are many down payment assistant programs available today.

E. Buy in a good school district, even if you do not have children resale value in a good school district can go a long way.

F. Get professional help, the internet is a great place to look, but when you are ready to purchase you are better off having a professional realtor.

G. Hire a home inspector to help point out any potential problems and cost of repairs

For additional points see CNNMoney