Columbia a new report released by CoreLogic recently stated that foreclosure in the United States has dropped 24% since last year.; including a dramatic drop in Columbia foreclosures. This is amazing news, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Columbia; Today, there are 1.4 million homes currently in the foreclosure process. Last year, there were 1.5 million homes in the process. So in a year’s time, there’s only been a 100,000—only 7%—difference in the amount of homes going through some sort of foreclosure activity. How do we reconcile the 24% drop in foreclosures to a 7% drop in homes currently in foreclosure? In a word: Agents.

More and more Columbia agents are helping their distressed clients take advantage of short sales and mortgage modification programs that are available to them from the government or their lender. So even though the total number of homes in the foreclosure process hasn’t dropped significantly, the number of Columbia homes actually being foreclosed upon has! The tide is definitely turning in the Columbia real estate market, and it’s Columbia agents   who are leading the way.