I was curious one night and started researching Columbia SC history of Historic building. I was truly amazed to find that nestled around Columbia SC a multitude of historic beauty. I think everyone should pick just one day to spend time riding  around enjoying Columbia SC treasures. Take the Maple Street Southern Methodist Church in the old Shandon historic district it is truly amazing.Built in then 1900, style Romanesque. It just makes you want stop and smell the roses.

Maple St Sothern Methodist 831 Maple Street, Columbia SC

Our The First Presbyterian Church a Columbia Civil War landmark; the steeple and architectural detail may take your breath away.Built in the 1800, Style Gothic. Reminds me of queens and castles.

screenshot4381324 Marion Street, Columbia SC

If you like the late 1800 buildings then driving to the Hopkins Presbyterian Church will be well worth it. Sit back and remember running through the fields and grandmas house.

screenshot439Hopkins South Carolina

For a full list and detail visit Historic Richland County