Deciding to become a South Carolina Home owners is more than a financial investment. There are significant positive impacts of home ownership in South Carolina, According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

  • South Carolina homeowners are far less likely to become crime victims than South Carolina non-owners.
  • South Carolina home ownership contributes to life satisfaction
  • South Carolina home ownership instills feelings of comfort, security, stability and pride.
  • South Carolina home ownership benefits individuals and families,
  • South Carolina home ownership strengthens our communities
  • South Carolina home ownership offers substantial social benefits including better connected families, higher academic achievement, improved health and safety, more cohesive communities and a stronger economy.”

A comprehensive 16-page report published by the NAR , “Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing,” cites extensive research showing that homeownership increases civic participation, lowers crime rates and boosts children’s educational performance.

In order to protect their economic and emotional investment, South Carolina homeowners are more likely to upgrade their property, take pride in their neighborhood and become part of the larger community. The result is greater community involvement and awareness. Homeowners are twice as likely as renters to know the name of their local school board representative. One study found that 77% of homeowners voted in local elections compared with 52% of renters. Homeowners also had a higher incidence of membership in voluntary organizations.

When you become a South Carolina homeowner you decide not only to invest in yourself but also in your community. thus building strong family, economic, financial,and social community bonds.