How To Market Your Home


Your home is unique. there is no other house exactly like it. Yes, it may share the same floor plan with five other houses in your neighborhood. but the individuality you have created out of your property makes it stand apart from your neighbors’. Your home’s value will be based upon similar homes purchased during a particular time, whether winter, spring, summer or fall. The real estate market is a complex entity that surpasses all speculation.

The Price Is Right: Remember sentimentality has no dollar value. Although you may have many emotional connections to your home, you must avoid placing a higher price on the property for sentimental reasons. It is highly recommended that you place all emotions aside during the sales process.

Leave room or negotiations – if the home is overpriced, it only makes comparable homes more desirable. The home probably won’t sell.

Price it according to worth – buyers will lump the home with like priced homes, knowing they can buy anytime for the price range

Under pricing generates interest – Under pricing will motivate buyers and perhaps create a bidding war. But if not, the goal of selling the home for more money has been derailed.

Remember this: If a potential buyer perceives the value of your home as greater than the actual price, he will be more willing to buy more quickly. The urgency to buy diminishes the closer the price and perceived value become.