I read an interesting article today about how the American people are feed up with big business and mass production, that small is cool again.The idea that you can walk into a business and get the personal touch including Great Customer Service and Personal Attention was now accepted again. The two things that for so long have been deemed wasteful are now valuable again.

Smallis Good in Columbia SC Again

I always felt that the people should take the Country back, out of the hands of Corporate America. I missed the days when you could walk into or call a business establishment on the phone and when you did they made you feel that your money and business was appreciated, that you were not there wasting someones time. I hope that this cool trend last a long time.

In order for the country to survive this economic disgust alot of changes will need to be made and this is a major change that can help our Country rebuild it’s self. I think they called it “Cottage Economy” that’s a cute name I hope it trends on.