Tips on how sellers can get their homes SOLD! in Columbia SC 

How to get your hose Sold! in Columbia SCV

Curb Appeal

First impressions are so important, an inviting landscape and exterior makes buyers want to stop and see more. It makes them want to come inside. The  driveway should be in good condition, lawn well-maintained with bright flowers. The house should look freshly painted. 

Price it Right.

Setting a realistic price from the beginning will prevent having to drop the price of the home several times before getting it sold. Real Estate professionals know how to set the price of your home. Agents use comparable sales of homes sold in the last 60 days in your area; to help set the most realistic price.

Web Appeal

Today’s home search begins on the internet. Have the house ready for pictures, remove furniture and clear the floors. Good pictures makes a home stand-out online and helps to lure more potential buyers to the front door.

Move in Ready

Most buyers today don’t want to do any repairs. Touch up paint, fix cracks, leaks, and repair windows that don’t shut. imperfections in the home — even if the are only minor — can distract buyers, so these should be fixed before the home is even listed.