Investors Tax Deductible


With the Columbia real estate market the way it is, now is an absolutely great time to buy an investment property. Whether you’re looking to flip the home for a big profit or you want to rent at the property, Columbia has got so many great investment areas where you can turn a big profit. If you haven’t bought an investment property before, these 4 tips will help you get started:

  • Understand Your Investment Area: Before you look to buy a home, be sure to research as much as possible. Make sure you understand your area before you invest. Understand the value of homes in the area, see how many homes are available in the area and learn as much as you can before you buy.
  • It’s All About Location: “Location, Location, Location” is a cliche for a reason. Find homes that are close to public transportation, restaurants, good schools etc. And take the other homes in the area in to account when looking to buy (are the other homes well kept?).
  • Understand the Numbers: There’s several different costs you need to keep in mind before investing. Be sure to consider insurance, interest, taxes and other necessary costs before making an investment.
  • Have the Money Lined Up: Speaking of understanding the numbers, once you’ve got a handle on what you need, be sure to have your money all ready to go when it’s time to buy.