SAMSUNG Elgin SC is old southern charm dating back to to 1900’s old railroad country, Which is evident with the Town of Blaney named after an old New York Banker who they say was instrumental in funding the railways;which was the bread and butter to Elgin SC in the early years. Reminders of the old name  still live strong in Elgin SC with Blaney Elementary School, Blaney Fire Department and Blaney Baptist Church.

Elgin SC is a small populated community with a mix from first time homeowners and growing families to baby boomers and retirees. Elgin SC is convenient to all major intersections, shopping and dining.

Elgin SC is part of South Carolina Rural Housing offering a wide range of mortgage options including 100%. Elgin SC housing offers homeowners historic charm, country living, and communities. If you are looking to relocate to Elgin SC give me a call.

Elgin SC