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screenshot660Time For A Pest Inspection

Termites and other insects aren’t just annoying to have in your home. They can cause real damage to the structure.
Living in South Carolina its important to maintain your home against termites and other insects.

A regular inspection of your property by a pro can head off at the pass any problems before they become too serious. A routine inspection of the interior of your home, including attic and basement, as well as the exterior will give you some peace of mind.

I would recommend researching pest control companies who offer termite bonds. 10 Ten Termite Control Companies
A termite bond is a contract between a pest management company and a homeowner which provides a form of insurance which is effective after a pest inspection and treatment. With a termite bond, treatments for recurrence of termites are free for the life of the bond. Not all pest management companies offer these bonds, and the terms of the bond can vary, but they can be very useful for homeowners, especially if people believe that they will be staying in their home for at least five years.