Information  Should you “Short Sale” your home or stay put? Many Columbia homeowners are asking themselves a very Serious question, Should I Short Sale my home or stay and tough it out. Columbia homeowners want to make the right decisions for themselves, their families, and their future so it’s important to have all the right information, because the consequences of this decision are very often unknown. Check out this tool created to give a glimpse  at the potential future based on your decision to Short Sale or Stay and tough it out. Check out our Short or Stay Calculator 

ss mortgage calaculator You can view our calculator at: Columbiaforeclosurerelief.com/short_ sale_decisions_calculator

It is a Short, easy process that will give you and insight as to when your home will be a asset again. Simply enter the following information:

1-Your property address

2-Your mortgage information

3-Your email address

The results are emailed to you instantly! It’s that simple!

It’s such a relief to see the current market value of your home. Plus, being able to project when the investment will break-even to become an asset again-is invaluable to your decision-making process. If the basic information is leading you to consider a Short Sale, Please contact me today. We can discuss all of your options. I can even refer you to other resources, if necessary