Columbia is a beautiful place. I love driving thru Columbia neighborhoods admiring the architectural detail; and have you ever noticed that Columbia has some of the most beautiful trees. I find myself getting lost just drinking in the beauty of some of the yards, especially the ones that present with such details the landscaping at some houses is magnificent displaying that sought after “Curb Appeal“.  But for those of us that do not exactly have that “Green Thumblandscaping can be a real struggle. Lets face it landscaping is a lot of work. You have to know plant structure and design that can be a nightmare, and we haven’t even discuss sod or sprinkler system. I already have a headache.


But don’t worry Columbia landscaping can be very affordable whether you do all the work yourself, those of us lucky enough to have that “Green Thumb” or you decide to hire a professional to help out. The average price to install landscaping in Columbia is $3,538. This assumes no foundation has been laid and includes both the front and backyard. If you want to help your landscaper and save some money, you must keep a few things in mind.

  • Know your climate do not buy plants that can’t thrive in your climate
  • Know your limits do not bite off more than you can chew as far as landscaping project
  • Be creative. look at your surroundings bring old things back to new life like wheel barrels, and tires they can make beautiful planters

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